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At Scojo's Restaurant
 We are committed to satisfying our customers with great food and excellent service.  We offer a wide variety of pasta, meats, sandwiches and delicious All-American dishes.  Whatever you're in the mood for, you can find it here!

Scojos Restaurant has been a Long Beach Island tradition since 1998, it is Family owned and operated. We are a casual, family friendly Restaurant and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In addition to our regular menu we have daily lunch specials, early birds and Dinner specials. Open daily 7am to 8pm (Mid-September to Early May) and 7am to 9pm (Mid-May to Early September). We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
The menu offers traditional American fare with generous portions and family agreeable pricing. Of course we use quality ingredients and we take pride in our homemade and home style meals.

Take a look at our wonderful Menu and you'll find everything that you need!

We hope to see you soon!




Scojo's Restaurant

307 N. Long Beach Blvd

Surf City, NJ 08008


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307 N. Long Beach Blvd., Surf City, NJ 08008     TEL: (609) 494-8661      FAX: (609) 494-8657
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